Leinz Grine Time

Adobe Photoshop CS4

Leinz Grine is an evil scientist who is tired of being underrated by the other scientists. One day, he builds a time machine so he can travel through the history in order to impress the whole human race. His plan is pretty simple: he kidnaps one princess for each royal family or dinasty so when he returns to his age, all the people will know about him. Everything seems great, but suddenly his enemies steal the machine blueprints and travel to the past too. They don't want Leinz to become famous and they will do everything to stop him...

Leinz Grine Time is one of my degree projects. I was the game designer and 2D artist. I had the original idea and I did all the stuff about the story, game mechanics, graphics, storyboards, cinematics... I tried to put an emphasis in Leinz charisma, because if you play a game, you are not used to control the villain but the hero, so I had to develope an evil personality which made the player feel empathy and have fun with Leinz's problems. I worked with two colleagues who programmed the game, and we chose Unity engine because of the export options and the versatility this software offers. Now the project is in a little "stand by" because this year is the last one of our degree, so it's pretty busy and difficult for us. We're looking forward to resume the project and make a great game!