Custom shoes

Fabric paint

As an artist, I have always loved experimenting with new tools and techniques. Working with traditional techniques is sometimes more difficult than using digital tools (I wish I had ctrl + z in real life...) but I find it as necessary as being able to work with your computer. I love videogames and I thought wearing my custom shoes would be pretty cool, so I went to buy fabric paint. I found out that there are a lot of tipes, so I let the seller gave me advice and bought some colors which don't need iron to get attached. I also bought a pair of black shoes and when I arrived home, I started. Because of the black background, some colors didn't cover up the fabric, so I had to do a lot of experiments with paint layers and color mixing until I achieve my goal. The process was very difficult sometimes, specially with the smallest areas. Finally it turned out very well. People seems to like them so much, so I do!