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Hi there!

I’m Elena Flores. If you’ve reached out to this site, you may want to know more about me.

I’m a Publishing Director at an international video games publisher based at Spain, but I also have experience related with UX, Product Design, BizDev, strategic consultancy and project/team management. If you are curious about it and want to know more details, you can check my LinkedIn.

I’m currently working on my new portfolio (my previous 5 years of experience with Digital Product have been surrounded with multiple NDAs) but you can still check the old one I made when I finished my Video Games Design and Development career. There’s also a SNES manual inspired CV I made which allowed me to get my first job in the games industry!

I’m a fidget brain, which means I’m always trying to find new stuff to do and experiment with: drawing in different styles, trying new design software, learning new languages, taking pics to things that draw my attention, modding consoles, speaking in conferences…

I write about video games (at the moment just in Spanish). I started at AkihabaraBlues, an online site with a traditional media coverage approach, but I was really interested in video games not just as entertainment consumible but as a cultural product. That’s why I jumped to the independent publisher GameReport where I’ve written several articles and made some illustrations for both printed issues and web articles. Of course I also have my personal blog where I drop some thoughts from time to time.

I think learning from human relationships is the best way to grow both as a person and as a profesional, regardless where is people placed in the company hierarchy. That’s why I really enjoy managing teams and projects.

I’ve been practicing weight lifting for more than 5 years and I love going on long walks through cities and nature. Turning into an active and healthier person has been one of the most important changes I’ve ever made. It has made my body stronger, but also my mind!

If you would like to get additional materials such as my CV, recommendation letters or you are just curious about anything else, you can drop me a line!